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If you have been arrested for a Los Angeles DUI, Prosecutors must demonstrate that it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you were 1) intoxicated and 2) driving. They must show that both elements exist, and not just one or the other.

You have certain Constitutional Rights that are given to you by the US Constitution. These are very important rights that come into play when you are facing criminal charges. These rights include the right to an attorney, the right to present evidence, the right to a fair trial, the right to be heard. These are all very crucial when it comes to your criminal case and they are rights that should not be taken lightly.

As stated, one of the biggest rights that you have is the right to present evidence at your trial. The type of evidence you would want to produce will require careful planning and discussion. It is a good idea to consult with a Los Angeles DUI lawyer before proceeding to trial. An experienced and knowledgeable lawyer will know the criminal court process, the procedure and the laws so that they can carefully and strategically plan your case. This will require a careful analysis of the facts, of the defenses and the arguments.