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One of the biggest goals our firm fights hard to achieve for our clients, is to avoid any jail time and to receive the lowest possible sentence. However, if there is a complex criminal history, or the charge is a serious one, jail time may not always be avoided.

Even though jail time may be a part of a person’s eventual sentence, there are creative alternatives that will allow them to avoid serving the time in an actual county jail or state prison. These alternatives are granted as a result of well prepared negotiation and skill with the Judge and Prosecution by an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney.

The option of house arrest is available to many people in lieu of serving traditional county jail or state prison. House arrest comes in many forms, including electronic surveillance, house confinement, or home detention.sEach achieve the same goal; to allow a person to serve mandatory time in their own home.

Being arrested is like being kicked in the head by a mule. It probably leaves you dazed and confused for many hours. One of the most important benefits of consulting and experienced DUI and Criminal defense attorney is to understand the potential consequences of the charge you were arrested for.

Every criminal charge has a sentencing guideline set out by the legislature in one of several common places. These include the vehicle code, Penal code, health and safety code and welfare and institutions code.

Although most people think there is a set penalty, that is not true. To be more accurate, there are sentencing ranges set out for each code violation. These typical penalties include summary or unsupervised probation and formal probation where one is assigned a probation officer which oversees your compliance with the terms and conditions of your probation subsequent to a conviction by plea, court or jury trial.