2011 Changes in California Marijuana Law

Legislators are constantly changing and amending laws that affect California citizens daily. Once changed it leaves open the question of whether the law applies proactively, or from beyond its enactment and how it may impact your already existing case.

The new marijuana law that went into effect on January 1, 2011 may reduce your marijuana misdemeanor charge to an infraction under Senate Bill 1449. However, if you have an already existing offense, and an openscase, it is unclear as to how Courts and Judges apply the new legislation.

A knowledgeable San Diego Criminal Defense attorney has researched all new legislation and how it has been applied in courts and current cases. Consequently, they are aware of how Judges are handling cases in the San Diego Criminal Courts. Based on this experience of the Criminal courts they can prepare the best possible argument in your defense so that you can take full advantage of any new laws that will pertain to the facts of your case.

If you have a pending case, or have been arrested in the new year for marijuana possession, it is best to consult a Criminal Defense Attorney who has handled thousands of cases like yours. With new laws in effect, a persuasive attorney may be able to reduce your charges, or better yet, get your case dismissed altogether!s