Aftersa Los Angeles Drunk Driving Arrest… How Can You Turn The Tide in a Favorable Way Toward You ?

Driving under the influence of alcohol or even drugs Is the most commonly committedscriminal offense in the United States. That being said, it is easier to understand why many courtrooms throughout California are filled with drunk driving cases each day. There in lies the problem. In these high-volume courtrooms, especially in major cities like Los Angeles, prosecutors have very little time to read and review the details of each case .This can be a benefit to clients.

The benefit is that in these very busy Courts, prosecutors and judges are forced to spend increasingly less and less time in reading and reviewing as well as evaluating each case on its individual merits. In my over 30 years of courtroom experience as a drunk driving defense lawyer, that actually benefits my clients each day.

Generally in police arrest reports, there is only negativity, rarely are police officers writing about the positive elements of the person they’re arresting. Their focus is to build a case to prosecute, rarely to assist the defendant in minimizing the appearance of their conduct.

The downside… generally in high-volume courts defendants are viewed more like case numbers and not like people. When this occurs, there is often no personal information about the defendant or any mitigating circumstances like the positive background of the client, job,slack of criminal record, family or other favorable information. Once this positive information is infused by an effective and experienced defense lawyer, a more favorable and balanced view of the client, always leads to better results.

At Hoffman and Associates our firm of skilled and highly effective advocates begin from the day were retained to develop all possible favorable information, not only about the facts of the case, but also about our clients background. This creates a foundation for building a defense for each client. We commonly ask our clients at the beginning of our representation to provide as with character reference letters, resumes, letters from employers, and any other positive information to show a more positive side of our clients background, contrasting the negativity of the information contained in an arrest report.