Is Alcohol Monitoring an Option for me During my Los Angeles DUI?

What is alcohol monitoring?

Alcohol monitoring looks like a small bracelet that you wear on your ankle. It monitors your alcohol use and transmits reports to either the court, or to you directly. It is referred to as transdermal monitoring because it gathers information transdermally, through your skin.

What is the purpose of transdermal monitoring?

The monitor does not necessary provide an accurate reading of the exact level of alcohol in your system, it just indicates whether there has been alcohol in your system or not. This is not a good option for first time offenders, or those that have been charged with their first DUI. This is because first time offenders are not restricted from consuming alcohol, it is the repeat offenders that need help with rehabilitation, and the monitoring bracelet can help with that.

When can I get transdermal monitoring?

As stated previously, it is not for first time offenders, it is for those who have a high rate of recidivism. The overall goal of the monitoring is to help curb alcohol addiction, and to help those with issues with alcohol help make some changes for good.

You can get transdermal monitoring voluntarily, or mandated by the court. If it is voluntary any reports the monitoring produces goes directly to you, or your attorney. It does not get forwarded to the court. The purpose of voluntarily submitting to being monitored is to proactively show the court that you are serious about your offense and are voluntarily making amends to resolve the issue. You can provide reports to the court as evidence of your cooperation, however, it is not mandatory that the court see these reports.

If the court orders the monitoring, it will likely be ordered after a second or third DUI offense. If the monitoring is court ordered, the reports will automatically get sent to the court for an update. This allows courts to enforce orders, without having to continuously monitor.

Whether alcohol monitoring is a good idea in your case, or whether it is not necessary is a question for an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer. The lawyer can review all the facts of your case, and your criminal history. Knowledge of the Judge and prosecutors will also prove to be useful when assessing the situation. Oftentimes, proactive measures can keep your charges low and help avoid jail time, especially when it is not a first time offense.