The Benefits of Hiring a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer to handle your Los Angeles DUI

If you have been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, you have not yet been charged or convicted. This is a very important distinction. When you are arrested, it is only because officers believe there may be enough evidence to find you guilty of what they are charging you with. The case is then forwarded to prosecutors who will review the evidence and make a determination as to whether there really is enough to bring a formal case against you. The first priority of a Los Angeles DUI lawyer is to demonstrate that there is not enough evidence to formally bring a case against you. That is why the earlier you hire a Criminal Lawyer to defend you, the quicker they can get to work and fight to drop the charges before they are even made.

With an attorney on your side, they can act swiftly to contact the arresting police department and speak to the officer about the evidence they have against you. They can gather information efficiently and quickly because they know the officers and are familiar with the police department. But more importantly, the police department has a good working relationship with the attorney and so they are more willing to cooperate and work with the attorney in getting them the information they need.

With the evidence in hand, the attorney can then do a thorough review of what happened the night of the arrest and why the officer believes there is enough to charge you with a formal DUI. The attorney will find holes in the legal process and weaknesses in the arguments that prosecutors can potentially make.

The attorney will then contact the prosecutors, before they have had a change to press formal charges, and will speak to them about the facts of the case. The attorney will point out weaknesses in the case, strong defenses you may have and make their argument as to why it would be a waste of the prosecutor’s time, and the county’s resources to bring formal charges. Much like the police department, the attorney has a working relationship with the prosecutors and is able to get a hold of them quickly and have an “off the record” talk with them about your case. Coupled with their extensive knowledge of not only the criminal justice system in general, but that specific courthouse, the attorney can make specific arguments and strategize knowing the nature of that specific prosecutor.

Having an experienced Los Angeles DUI Lawyer in your corner is a huge benefit to you, but only if you hire one as soon as you have been arrested. They can work quickly and efficiently to contact the right persons to ensure they are fighting for your case before it even gets filed. Do not hesitate in looking for a lawyer and wondering if you really need one. Having a lawyer can make the difference between no charges, and having to battle it out with the criminal justice system.