California Legal Defense in DUI and Criminal Cases Should be a Partnership Between Lawyer And Client

When clients are unfortunately faced with being prosecuted for a DUI or other Criminal offense, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and fearful about their rights, defenses and possible consequences they could face if they were found guilty.

The most important decision is selecting an attorney who firstly they trust, treats them with compassion and respect, And yet is completely honest. This lawyer should possess extensive experience and courtroom skill, as well as possessing long-standing relationships with judges and prosecutors which gives them a rich and deep understanding of the treacherous waters of the legal justice system.

Potential clients should be wary of attorneys who are not willing to explain their defense strategies for protecting you, but merely say ‘don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything’.This keep you in the dark style of representation was popular many years ago in the legal community, but although still present among some attorneys, thankfully is in the minority.

Effective legal representation in DUI and Criminal cases should always be a partnership between lawyer and client. A lawyerssjob, and only job is to protect the best interests of the client by achieving the best results possible based upon the evidence gathered by the police, and any defenses, evidence, or witnesses the client has in their defense.

It is not unusual, that the client possesses the most valuable information possible, since frequently the client was present at the time of the alleged violation. Police officers, although theoretically are employed to protect and serve the community, are by no meanssa neutral as it or disinterested party. The suit comes ir observations, gathering her of evidence, and opinions can be tainted by their desire to build a case against you.

It is essential that you assist your counsel by being openand honest about everything you know about the charges against you, both favorable and not so favorable. A client should never withhold anything from his or her lawyer because of their fear, shame, or embarrassment. Lawyers are not here to judge, but to defend and protect. Keep in mind,that besides what a lawyer reads in any police report, very often the attorney is left with a certain impression of the case. It is always important for the client to provide as much information as they can to assist the legal counsel in properly evaluating and preparing your defense. Thissimportant information can often lead to dismissals,or reduced charges and penalties.

Lawyers need and appreciate information from their clients through a full and open disclosure of everything they know so they can use their skill in presenting all favorable information to the judge and/or prosecutor to obtain the best results.