What Can I do to Ensure Successful Defense of a Los Angeles DUI?

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you have not yet been charged or convicted. Officers will sent their report over to the Prosecutor’s office, and then prosecutors will determine if the State will take action and bring criminal charges against you. IF charges have been brought against you, the criminal courts must make a finding that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before you can be convicted. Simply being arrested is, in no way, a guarantee that you will be found guilty of driving under the influence.
Due to the fact that an arrest does not necessarily lead to a conviction, you can take steps to ensure the best possible chance of never reaching a conviction. One of the first and best decisions you can make after a DUI arrest, is to hire an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer. I do not mean a lawyer who has just passed the bar exam, or a lawyer who just set up shop in Los Angeles, or the lawyer who is willing to offer you the best deal. Choosing a lawyer is important, and you must make sure all the requisite details are met.
A knowledgeable lawyer can be one that has been practicing for over thirty years IN Los Angeles. If an attorney has been practicing for over thirty years they will not only be well versed in the law and the procedure, but also in the Judges they are appearing before, and the Prosecutors they are appearing against. It will ensure that they know which defenses and arguments will work with which Judge.
Hiring a lawyer will also give you the legal professional advice that you need. A legal professional can tell you what you don’t know and when it is a good idea to accept a deal from the Prosecutor, or when to push the case. It will also help explain how the legal criminal process works. You, on your own, would not know what an Arraignment is, or what Pre-Trial means. You will not understand if it is a good idea to proceed to trial, or if you are risking a harsher sentence by doing so.
In many cases, you do not need to appear in Court. If you have an attorney representing you, the attorney will appear on your behalf. When choosing an attorney it is important to choose an attorney you trust, and one you believe will fight for you. Court can be a scary and intimidating place, and a place most people do not wish to visit. That is why, having an attorney you trust can be a huge asset, and will eliminate the additional stress and hassle in your life.
One of the best things you can do for your own well being and peace of mind, as well as your Los Angeles DUI case, is hire an experienced, knowledgeable Los Angeles DUI lawyer. This will give your case the best possible odds of being beat!