Defenses to the Ignition Interlock Law in Los Angeles County

The new Ignition Interlock law enacted in Los Angeles County seems to be vague and lacks a precise plan for enforcement by the DMV.sDue to it’s novice nature, many loopholes have been unaccounted for and many questions remain unanswered.

According to the specifics in the law, you are required to install the device into a vehicle that is owned by you. However, people are exempt from installing the device into their vehicle if they provide the DMV with a written notice of the fact that they have no ownership of a vehicle, that they have no access to a vehicle at his or her residence, that they understand that they must inform the DMV of any changes in their situation, and acknowledgement of licensing and IID requirements.

So if you do not own a car or have access to one, you would not be required to install the device. The DMV is also not requiring those people who drive a motorcycle to install one either. Additionally, many of our clients ask us about the law if they do not reside in one of the counties participating in the pilot program, but were arrested in one that does, or vice versa.

A knowledgeable Los Angeles DUI attorney can help you answer all of the questions you may have as well as prepare a strong defense against installing the device in your car. It seems that even the DMV is not sure of how the enforcement and implementation of this law will go, leaving much room for a well prepared argument in your favor!