Does it Benefit my DUI case if my Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer knows the Court?

Many of oursclients ask us about our experience with the Courts in Los Angeles county. I have been in and out of these courtrooms for over thirty years. There is a distinct advantage to knowing not only the courtroom, but the Judges, the Prosecutors and even the Clerks.

If you have appeared before a Judge on several occasions, the Judge will know your professional reputation, and therefore when you ask a Judge for a continuance, or a certain offer, the Judge will know you are asking with reason and will take your request more seriously. This is a huge benefit to the client. It benefits their case because it assures that they will get the best possible outcome, and not one that is the result of bias or prejudice from the Judge.

Additionally, knowing the prosecutors will help guide an attorney as to which prosecutor they should negotiate with for a dismissal or a reduction of charges. If one prosecutor is not favorable, the knowledgeable Los Angeles DUI attorney will act swiftly to have the case heard by a Prosecutor who is more likely to accept the offer in comparison to one who isn’t.

Let’s consider an example. David has been charged with a DUI. His attorney appears before a Judge and talks to the Prosecutor. It is David’s first DUI, and his blood alcohol level is a .07. Paul, the prosecutor is heavily against drinking and driving and believes that any person who is found with any level of alcohol in their blood should be convicted of a DUI. Peter the prosecutor believes that the judicial system is too harsh on DUI cases. He believes that a person is an actual danger to society onlysif their blood alcohol level is actually a .08 or higher.

David’s attorney knows both Paul and Peter really well, as he sees them almost every day in court. If his client’s BAC is a .07, he knows that Peter will be the more sympathetic prosecutor that is more likely to reduce the case or dismiss it altogether. Therefore, the attorney will approach Peter first to negotiate the potential charges and consequences of David’s case.

Now imagine if the attorney had never appeared in the courthouse before. He would never be able to predict how Paul or Peter would approach the case, and could possibly have his client convicted of a DUI, whereas he could have gotten it reduced had he approached Peter before going to Paul.

It is very important as to the experience of your criminal defense attorney. Be sure to ask about their experience and reputation in the Court your case is being heard before hiring someone to help you!