How does California’s Zero Tolerance Law affect my Probation Violation in a Los Angeles DUI case?

California Vehicle Code 23600 prohibits driving with any measurable amount of alcohol in your system if you are currently on probation for a DUI. This section of the Vehicle Code is referred to as the Zero Tolerance Law.

Prior to January 2009, the aforementioned section allowed a Judge to revoke probation unless the person violating probation agreed to serve at least 48 hours in County Jail, in the situation that the zero tolerance law was violated and the Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) was over a .04%.

The current law, however, has gotten a lot stricter. If you are now caught violating the Zero Tolerance Law, the DMV will automatically suspend your driver’s license for a year. Additionally, the new law authorizes law enforcement to issue a notice of suspension and impound the vehicle of the person who is caught driving with a BAC over .01%.

In light of the new law , it is now more important than ever to hire an experienced Los Angeles DUI and Criminal Defense attorney who has defended thousands of probation violation and DUI cases. There is a crucial 10 day time limit to request a DMV hearing, which will determine the status of your license. If a DMV hearing is not promptly requested, you may lose your opportunity to state your case to a DMV officer resulting in a revocation or suspension. The knowledgeable attorneys at Hoffman and Associates prepare a powerful defense specific to the facts of your case that you obtain the best desired outcome possible. Our thirty years of experience are reflected in the solid reputation we have built among the many Judges and Prosecutors in the Criminal courts of Southern California.

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