Why it is Important to Retain a Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney Immediately after being Charged

The period of time directly after having been charged with a Hit and Run is extremely crucial to your case. Many people mistakenly take their time in retaining an attorney or seeking legal counsel shortly before their scheduled court date. However, court can oftentimes be completely avoided if you take the proper steps.

A case gets filed only after police officers investigate the incident and then submit a report to prosecutors. Prosecutors review the information and based upon what has been submitted, may a decision on whether it would be a good decision to charge the person who has committed the offense. It naturally follows, that taking care of the problem immediately upon being arrested, could help avoid court all together.

How does an attorney help your case get dismissed? An attorney is familiar with the system and they are familiar with the procedure. An experienced attorney often knows the officers and the prosecutors. Right after an incident, an attorney will contact the injured party and request an estimate of expenses and damages. They will work to mitigate the damages and then prepare what is called a civil compromise. If a civil compromise is presented to officers, and submitted along with the officer’s report to the prosecutor, the prosecutor may be less likely to bring the case, since all damages have been remedied.

A better understanding of this process will come through an example.

Let’s assume that Danielle is driving home from a friend’s bridal shower on an extremely foggy evening. She does not see the parked car, and hits the rear bumper causing damage. Because it is late, and she is tired, she does not leave her information but intends to call the person in the morning. However, the next morning she is arrested by officers for a hit and run. Danielle does the smart thing and hires a Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer immediately. The lawyer contacts the person whose car was hit by Danielle and talks to them. The person indicates that it is going to cost about $500 to fix their car. Danielle, wanting to make amends, provides the auto body shop with $500 and they fix the vehicle. The car is back to being brand new.

The lawyer Danielle has hired then prepares a Civil Compromise. This is documentation evidencing that Danielle has made amends, and that the person whose vehicle is hit is happy and has no further damages. The lawyer then presents this to officers and to the prosecutor. Seeing that the damage has been resolved, the prosecutor decides not to press further charges.

It is crucial to consult with and retain a legal professional as soon as possible. Speak to one as soon as possible if you find yourself in this situation!