Increased Arrests in Los Angeles around Halloween

With the increased number of Ghosts, Goblins and creatures of the night wandering the streets of Southern California, it is necessary that there also be an increase in the number of officers patrolling the streets. This Halloween time, enjoy yourself but make smart decisions.

Due to the number of parties going on, there is sure to be an increased number of people driving while intoxicated. The number of DUI checkpoints will increase and officers will be on the lookout for any reasonable cause to pull someone over. If pulled over for a DUI remember your rights. If you come across a DUI Checkpoint, be sure to protect your Fourth Amendment rights and ensure that officers follow their legislative guidelines and procedures. An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney can advise you on whether or not your rights were violated and if the case may potentially be dismissed.

Officers also hand out an increased number of drinking in public tickets and public nuisance citations. Officers want to make a statement and let party goers know that they are not going to put up with slack due to the nature of the holiday. If you are cited for a drinking in public ticket, or something similar, understand that it can have serious consequences. It will be a misdemeanor but with the right Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney it can be reduced to an infraction or possibly dismissed.

Enjoy this time of year and be safe. If you have been arrested, hire an attorney to prepare a powerful defense so that your case may be reduced or dismissed!