Keep Your License After DUI in California

Laws cracking down on DUI are intended to make the roads safer for everyone, however, what can you do if your DUI was a simple mistake and you don’t want to lose your license over it? There are quite a number of ways to improve your chances of keeping your license and not losing your driving privilege after you get charged with a DUI in California, and here, we’ll go into a few of the most important things you can do to protect yourself. Depending on many factors, you face a potential ninety day to two year loss of your license, as well as possibly being required to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle and if your license is revoked – you will have to obtain and maintain three years of high risk insurance, known as SR22, often three times as much as your normal insurance rate.

Waiting too long to contact a California DUI attorney when you’ve been charged with drunken driving is quite possibly the first of the biggest mistakes some drivers make. Being able to have a good attorney on your side will mean the difference between a DUI charge and possibly getting it reduced to something lesser and can help you to navigate the sometimes tricky court system. Being able to have someone who can enable you to have a tough defense to defend your rights and help prevent a drunk driving charge on your record as well as enabling you to keep your license, so finding someone who is experienced is a must. Someone who will thoroughly review not only BAC records and police reports and surveillance, but interview witnesses as well.

An aggressive and knowledgeable defense is your best chance to protect your rights in a California DUI case, from being able to express that your case is different using many factors. Being able to piece together your defense puzzle using your prior record, the blood alcohol levels involved and understanding the situation in which you were arrested will enable your attorney to provide you with the best possible defense. Remember, you only have about 20 days from your arrest to request the hearing that may prevent you from losing your driving privileges, so make sure you use that time wisely and find a qualified California attorney who will fight for your rights from pretrial all the way through conclusion and then some, if need be.

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