Los Angeles DUI and Criminal Cases: Effective Techniques For Avoiding Jail

The purpose of this article is solely to discuss effective techniques and alternatives to anyone having to be incarcerated for any length of time, if at all possible to avoid. This article offers a number of practical tips for those people in legal trouble and is certainly not designed or intended to discuss the facts or circumstances of a DUI or Criminal case, or any defenses that may prevent a client from being guilty or convicted of any charge.

It is not uncommon in DUI or Criminal cases for a prosecutor to seek a range of different consequences including summary or formal probation, fines, community service, alcohol programs, and jail time. For over 30 years our law firm has represented clients facing these potential consequence. Without a doubt the biggest concern for all our clients is staying out of jail. Therefore, our biggest concern is fighting to protect our clients freedom from jail by the use of alternatives like Caltrans, community service,selectronic surveillance, and even private city jail facilities.

Once retained, it is critical that your attorney carefully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the facts the prosecutor plans on using against you, versus any defenses including witnesses, you have which would establish a strong defense of your innocence.

When this evaluation has been completed, it is valuable to also consider any possible plea bargain that would protect your client from being incarcerated. One of the powerful techniques our law firm uses daily is to start to build a positive profile of each of our clients by showing his or her good character, solid work history and any efforts towards rehabilitation including counseling.

If the nature of the case is alcohol or drug-related then appropriates Alcoholics Anonymous or narcotics anonymous login sheets are used to track voluntary attendance at these self-help programs. Proof ofsthese contribute to showing the prosecutor and/or judge that the allegations in the criminal case being presented are either highly unlikely or an aberration of the clients generally law-abiding behavior.

Although it is not unusual, for a prosecutor to seek a jail sentence in many criminal cases, a strong showing of the above positive qualities of the client can help the attorney present a powerful argument for the use of non-jail alternatives like community service, Caltrans, graffiti removal, or other forms of public service as a means of punishment in lieu of jail.

In the event that the facts would not warrant a court or jury trial, and the prosecutor or judge are unwilling to waive seeking incarceration in county jail, they are frequently agreeable with allowing the client to serve any time in a private city jail at the clients expense. Very often a good plea bargain can structure jail to be served on weekends or during non school times, for students.

Electronic surveillance which is commonly known as house arrest is also a widely used alternative to jail which allows a client to serve their sentence at home being electronically monitored, but frequently with the ability continue to work their job and sustain the ability to pay their bills.

An attorneyssability to properly evaluate the facts of any DUI or Criminal case and effectively use creative alternatives to jail, always puts the clients best interest first, while protecting all of their legal rights.