Los Angeles Law Requiring Ignition Interlocking Device For Repeat Dui Offenders Comes With Loopholes

As of July 2010, there will be a lot more at stake for those convicted of Drunk Driving violations.sProsecutors in Los Angeles County and three Northern California Counties will require repeat offenders convicted of driving offenses involving alcohol to install into their vehicles an Ignition Interlock Device. The law will be effective until January 2016 with additional limitations for second and third time offenders to follow later this year.

The Ignition Interlock Device is a device that is installed into the dashboard of a car and requires that the driver blow into the machine before the car can be started. The Ignition Interlock Device will not allow the car to start if the amount blown into the device registers a blood alcohol level over a preset limit. Often the device will require that rolling tests be performed. This means that the device will ask for the driver to blow into the device after he or she has started driving at five to thirty minute intervals. This will ensure that the driver does not have a sober friend blow into the device for them, or they do not start drinking after they have started the car and begun driving. The device will store all results of tests which can be downloaded and provided to law enforcement. Monthly maintenance is required on the device to ensure that it has not been tampered with and to download reports and document the amount of failed tests.

In addition to being a hassle for the driver, an Ignition Interlock Device will be quite costly. The expense of maintenance, installation and rental will fall upon the Driver. Although prices will vary, one can expect to pay a rental fee from $70 to $100 along with an installation fee of $100 to $200 and extra expenses can be expected. These devices are often required to be maintained for about one to three years or for as long as the driver attends an alcohol program.s

Although over the years Judges have intermittently required installation of the Ignition Interlock Devices, it appears that the trend is towards making repeat offenders install these devices. There is still uncertainty as to the actual implementation of the proposed programs, which remains far from uniform. Good arguments can be made for you to avoid installing the device. For example, if you can prove to the court that the vehicle is not registered under your name, you may be able to avoid its installation. This will help avoid the nuisance of installing the device in your own vehicle, especially if you use a company car. Additionally, it will prove to be inconvenient and often embarrassing during carpools and other social outings. Please be aware of these recent changes in legislation for these new requirements for repeat offenders. Learn the facts and details and be prepared before the law comes into effect.s

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