Los Angeles Marijuana Charges

Although a great number of marijuana drug charges in California involve possession, there is a vast number of charges under California Health and Safety Code 11358 to 11361 involving marijuana that do not center around possession. An experienced Los Angeles DUI and Criminal Defense attorney has not only argued hundreds of cases regarding marijuana charges, but has gained an extensive knowledge of the different exceptions and defenses articulated by law.

California Health and Safety code 11358 criminalizes the planting, cultivation, harvesting and growing or any related action of marijuana and may be punished by imprisonment. Additionally, California Health and Safety code 11359 makes it a criminal charge to possess marijuana for the purpose of sale. Under section 11359 a person may be punished by imprisonment in state prison.

Transporting, importing, furnishing, selling or giving away marijuana into this state yields a much harsher punishment. Equally punished is someone who offers to transport, import, furnish, sell or give away marijuana. Both charges will bring a sentence of imprisonment in state prison for two to four years.

As is the case with simple marijuana possession charges, there are legally mandated exceptions under the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. Medical Marijuana prescribed by a licensed physician under specific circumstances allows certain defenses for those charged under the Health and Safety Code.

To assure that your rights are protected and you are given a powerful argument under any applicable exception or defense, put your case in the hands of a Criminal Defense attorney who has been in and out of criminal courts in Southern California for over thirty years. At Hoffman and Associates, we have built a solid reputation among the Judges and Prosecutors in all criminal courts, a value which we bring to you in the form of outcomes and results on your case that you want!