Los Angeles Marijuana Possession Charges

Marijuana possession is charged under California Health and Safety Code 11357 and is divided into a misdemeanor or felony charge depending on the concentration of the substance and the amount in possession. Many factors affect the charge, including the type of powerful argument made in court by a knowledgeable Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney.s
Under the applicable section, a person found in possession of concentrated cannabis will be charged with a violation of California Health and Safety Code 11357 (a), unless they are authorized by law to do so.sUnder section (b) of 11357, anyone found with 28.5 grams of marijuana, other than concentrated cannabis, will be charged as a misdemeanor if not authorized by law. A person found in possession of more than 28.5 grams of marijuana, other than concentrated cannabis and not authorized by law will be charged with a felony.

California law authorizes marijuana to be legally in the possession of a person who is eligible under the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (California Health and Safety Code 11362.5). Under this act, the California legislature allows for certain persons to legally possess concentrated cannabis, or medical marijuana. Such persons must have an illness that can be cured naturally by marijuana and must have been diagnosed by a licensed physician who recommends medical marijuana as a remedy.s

Marijuana possession is a serious charge and can lead to serious consequences. Having an experienced on your side can immensely help you legal argument and protect your rights in court. A highly skilled attorney, such as Ronald Hoffman, has been handling drug possession cases in Southern California for over thirty years and has built a solid reputation with the legal community and among the 29 Criminal courts in the area. Contact our office for a FREE CONSULTATION. We are confident that you will find the powerful advocacy and knowledgeable advice you seek with the lawyers at our firm!