Possible Defenses for Marijuana Charges in California

The field of Medical Marijuana is fairly new, therefore legislators and courts are still discovering new issues and are uncertain on how to proceed on certain questions. Consequently, determining in which cases a Medical Marijuana Prescription will relieve a person of a charge is assessed on a case by case basis.

Many people who are pulled over for a Driving under the influence of marijuana charge obtain a Medical Marijuana Prescription after the fact and seek to apply it retroactively. The prescription will have only the date the doctor was seen and cannot be legally dated before that.

Nevertheless, this technique has been used repeatedly in court as a defense against a marijuana related charges. Each argument and its effectiveness depends on the Judge and the prosecutor it is presented to. In the majority of cases it has not been a successful defense and Judges have chosen to not honor the post dated prescription.

A well prepared argument made by an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney is able to in many cases present a powerful defense that will strengthen your case and weaken prosecution’s. This may lead your sentence tosbe reduced or better yet, dismissed completely!s