Potential DMV Consequences for Refusing a Chemical Test in a Los Angeles DUI

If you have been charged with a DUI and at the time of your arrest you refused to take a chemical test, then the consequences regarding your license may vary. A DMV hearing must be scheduled within ten days of your arrest. At the DMV hearing, an officer will review the facts of your case and determine what sanctions to impose on your license, if any. You have the right to have an attorney appear on your behalf at a DMV hearing.

If you refused to take a Chemical test that would allow the arresting officer to gather evidence regarding your Blood Alcohol Content, your potential consequences will differ from those that submit to the Chemical Test. You have a right to refuse to take the initial chemical test administered at the scene, but generally must comply with the test given at the station.

If you are over 21 years of age, and have been arrested the DMV may suspend your license for one year on a first time offense. For a second offense, you license may result in a two year revocation. For any third of fourth time offense, your license will result in a three year revocation.

For those that are under the age of 21 the potential consequences will be similar. An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney may be hired, not only for appearances in court, but also to appear on your behalf for a DMV hearing. Your license is a crucial necessity in your day to day activities, and must be protected. Allow an attorney who is familiar with the process and has dealt with officers for over thirty years help prepare a powerful argument on your behalf that will ensure you don’t have your license suspended for the full time period suggested by the legislation.