Some Commonly asked Questions in Regards to the Ignition Interlock Device Required by law in Los Angeles County

Many of our clients have inquired about the maintenance and use of the Ignition Interlock Device. While this is all new law, being a pilot project, we have been able to answer the following commonly asked questions.

Does the device cause damage to my car and will other people be able to continue to drive my car?

Other people will be able to drive your vehicle but will have to also blow into the machine before starting the vehicle. Those that will potentially drive the car should also be educated on the use of the machine. The installation of the device will not cause damage to the vehicle, and it will be restored to the same condition it was before the installation of the device.

What will happen if the service appointment is missed and how often will the device need to be calibrated?

The device will prompt the driver. For example, a device may flash or the light may stay on and a tone will sound if it needs service. If the IID is not serviced, all IIDs will enter a lockout condition and the driver will not be able to operate the vehicle. Then, the vehicle would have to be towed to the service center or the service center technician would have to perform remote service. The device will also need a calibration check every 60 days or so.

What happens to the vehicle if the device malfunctions?s

Nothing will happen to the operation of the vehicle. The device will not interrupt the operation of the vehicle.

What happens if the Driver fails the breath test?

The IID will enter a short lockout period of a few minutes for the first failed breath alcohol test and a longer lockout for any subsequent failed breath alcohol test. This permits an opportunity for the alcohol to dissipate from the mouth and for the driver to consider the reason for the failed breath alcohol test.

Information provided from California DMV website.