Strategies For Representing Clients Facing Felony DUI Charges in Los Angeles Courts

A felony DUI charge is a very different offense than a misdemeanor DUI charge.sA misdemeanor DUI offense covers a wide variety of factual situations, involving a multitude of facts. For starters, driving under the influence cases involve hundreds of difference violations which give rise to the officer justifying the stop. This requirement of good cause, is required to be a valid stop.

Frequently our firm represents clients who have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or the combined influence of both. Those drivers who have been involved in accidents are exposed to greater potential charges, if an accident resulted in injury to a passenger or other party.

People arrested, often don’t understand that the term accident can describe a very broadsspectrum of circumstances, not just a simple issue. It is critical to our clients defense, to carefully study the accident report to determine a strategy to minimize, if possible, the severity of the accident, thus mitigating, or lessening, the impact of the accident on the possible consequence to the driver.

Accidents, can range from minor impact to major impact, from no injury, soft tissue injury,to multiple fractures, internal injuries, which can result in long-term or permanent impairments or disability.

It is always important, at the earliest possible time after a DUI related accidents, to have your attorney begin to assess whether or not there was injury, and the extent and severity of the injury. Some victims truly suffer minor injuries as a result of an accident, while others seek to magnify or exaggerate the nature and severity of their injuries recover a potentially large settlements from the driver’s insurance policy.

Our firm of DUI specialists carefully evaluate all medical bills and reports to check for the real injury to the victim, and the full extent of any claimed injury for accuracy and legitimacy.

Recently, our firm represented a client on a felony DUI case. Because we carefully evaluated the nature and extent of the acclaimed soft tissue injury turned out to be significantly less serious than the officers summary in the police report. We obtained all the records, and proved to the district attorney that the apparent injury to the victim was far less serious than was painted in the police report by the arresting officer. The results was the prosecutor agreed to reduce the charges to a plain misdemeanor, resulting in no jail time.

Aggressive, and detail oriented attorneys love to carefully scrutinize all police and accuracy records, as well as talking to all victims. Frequently information obtained in this manner often leads to the reduction of felony charges and/or minimizing or eliminating our clients from being incarcerated.

Anytime, we can save our clients from having a felony charge on their record, is a huge and important effect of an experienced attorneys work.