The Importance of Plea Bargaining in a California Drug Possession Case

Plea Bargaining is a useful tool in many different criminal cases. A plea bargain is essentially an offer made by prosecution. If you agree to plead guilty prosecution will agree to give you a lesser charge and consequently a lesser penalty.

In drug possession cases, plea bargaining can have beneficial results and with the help of an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney may be dismissed. An attorney will prepare a powerful argument convincing the Judge to allow you to enroll in a Drug Diversion Program. Many drug possession cases allow for rehabilitation and education classes that, if completed, lead to a dismissal of your case.sThis leaves your permanent record clean, and you would not be required to report it when asked.

For example, if a first time offender has been charged with a sizeable quantity of cocaine they could face possibly felony charges. However, a knowledgeable Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney would prepare a defense presenting the client in a positive light. The Judge would consider the strong argument presented in court and may grant the option to enroll in a Drug Diversion program, or in the very least reduce the charges. If a Drug Diversion program is completed, the charges will be dismissed. This is not only greatly beneficial to your future, but also helps you with future employment of educational institutions.

Plea bargaining is something everyone should consider. With the help of an expert in Criminal Defense law, you will be able to make the right decision on which offer to accept. The attorney’s goal is the same as yours, to have your case dismissed!