The Long Term Consequences of a Los Angeles DUI Conviction

Getting arrested for a DUI is a traumatic and difficult time. Many people are very eager to get the case completed and will take a plea bargain or offer to get the case completed as soon as possible. This leads to quick, uninformed decisions. Many times it is advisable to wait and seek the counsel of a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer before entering any type of plea in your DUI case. Entering a plea right away may quickly conclude the case, but the consequences you suffer may linger for quite some time.


If you have been convicted for a DUI, it will likely be nothing less than a misdemeanor. This means it will be on your record as a felony or misdemeanor. When you apply to educational institutions, or to take certification or board exams, you will have to list your conviction and explain the situation on your application. It is the same process for when you apply to jobs. The employer will ask you if you have been convicted of any criminal offenses and you will have to state your conviction.


Generally with a first time DUI offense, you are looking at three years of summary probation. You will be on probation for three years. Any criminal offense during the time period you are on probation will be an additional offense, that of probation violation.

Moral Stigma

Many people feel embarrassed as to having a criminal offense, despite the fact that DUIS are very common. It can be troublesome for some and a difficult time that they must emotionally and psychologically work through.

Jail Time

You could possibly be facing a jail sentence. The factors that lead to a jail sentence will vary in each case. The court will consider the specific facts of each case and the person’s criminal background. For example, a case in which the DUI is a second or third offense will warrant a stronger consideration of jail time in comparison to a first time offense. In addition, when a DUI is on a felony level, jail time is almost always part of the sentence.

Whether you have a previous criminal record, or the facts of your case warrants a felony classification, it is important to consult with a Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer. Before you can enter any kind of plea in your criminal case it is very important to understand what the long term consequences may be. Oftentimes it is better to let the case play itself out and smart decisions be made along each step, rather than move to conclude the case as quickly as possible. You must understand the defenses that are available, the options and recommendations prior to entering any kind of plea. To give yourself the best possible outcome on your case, and in regards to future consequences, be sure to speak to a legal professional as soon as possible so that you give yourself the best probability for either dismissing or reducing your case!