What can a Lawyer Actually do for me on a Los Angeles DUI Charge?

Many people mistakenly believe that hiring a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer is a waste of funds and they are able to get the same outcome on their own. This is a completely untrue belief. The Judge may impose the same standard sentence at the end of the case, but a person who is now aware of the law will not know whether it is the best possible option, or whether it should have been pushed to trial.

What are the questions you will need answers to?

At the arraignment the prosecutor will give you an offer. The plea bargain is an offer for a sentence that is generally somewhat lower than the statute, in exchange for a guilty plea that day. You have the right to present evidence and the right to trial. You do not have to enter a plea right away on your own volition. However, doing so will help move your case along and the goal Prosecutors are looking for.

How do you know whether that offer is a good one for your case, or whether pleading not guilty and setting for pre trial will give you a better outcome. This is knowledge that an experienced and knowledgeable attorney will know. An attorney will know the court and the Judge and will know what offers a Prosecutor is likely to give. Based on that knowledge and experience, the attorneyscan make a educated decision on whether or not a plea bargain is reasonable or should be turned down.

Another question is whether the case should be taken to trail, or whether you should enter a plea on your own volition. The facts of a case and circumstances need to be assessed and the defenses and arguments need to be analyzed in order to determine whether a case should go to trial. Sometimes the cost and potential risk of trial is not in the person’s best interest, and the attorney can advise you of this fact.

Let’s consider an example: Donnie has been charged with DUI. He has no previous criminal record and at the arraignment the Prosecutor offers him probation, educational classes regarding alcohol abuse and penalties and assessments along with a day in jail. Donnie is not aware that the day in jail can likely be dismissed.

If you are facing DUI charges, it is always important to consult with and seek the advice of a DUI attorney. The criminal process can be tricky and you have a lot of rights that are granted to you. Before waiving any of them, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your case.