What is a California Drug Diversion Program?

A diversion program is a program instituted by the District Attorney’s office that allows a defendant who has been convicted of a Drug offense to avoid criminal charges and a criminal sentence. The program is designed to help rehabilitate offenders and to alleviate the overflow in time, cost and expense to courts and probation officers.

If someone who has been convicted of a drug offense qualifies for a drug diversion program, they may have the opportunity to avoid prosecution by completing certain requirements of the program. These requirements include completing certain education courses aimed at preventing future offenses, providing restitution to the victims of the offense, completion of community service hours, and avoiding certain situations that may lead to future offenses. This may involve no contact with certain persons, or visitation to certain places.

If a program is completed successfully it may prevent the charge from appearing on a person’s criminal record. This provides huge benefits for future employment opportunities, education and social achievements.

Each drug diversion program has its own qualifications and its own requirements. An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney has extensive knowledge on all qualifying programs in your area. An attorney will prepare a powerful defense on your behalf to ensure the best possible chance in qualifying for any one of the available programs!

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