What is the Difference Between a Los Angeles DUI Conviction and an Arrest?

There is a very crucial difference between a DUI arrest and a conviction, one that leads to very different consequences.

A DUI arrest is an allegation made by officers that they have facts supporting a guilty finding for driving under the influence. An arrest doesn’t mean that you have been found guilty, it simply means that officers feel that you were driving under the influence and it still remains to be proven. The law will presume you are innocent until you are proven guilty. If you are found guilty in a court of law by either an entered plea, a judge or jury trial, then you will be convicted of a DUI. Until that point, there is no conviction but merely an arrest.

The consequences also have stark differences. With a DUI arrest there is nothing on your record and you are not required to disclose this information to any institution or employer that asks about your criminal record. Remember, a DUI arrest is not on your record because you have not been found guilty of the alleged DUI.

When convicted of a DUI the consequences it has on your life is a lot more intense. You are required to report it to any institution or employer that asks for your criminal record. The DMV will also be notified and will result in a reconsideration of your driver’s license and an increase in your auto insurance rates. Additionally, if you are not a natural citizen of the United States then your immigration status may be affected.

An experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney strives to ensure that your DUI arrest doesn’t result in a conviction. The consequences of a conviction in comparison to an arrest can significantly change your life.