What is considered to be “Possession” in a Southern California Marijuana Possession charge?

As most terms in the legal field, the word Possession is loosely defined, and as a result many different scenarios may fall under the appropriate meaning for Possession when it comes to a possession charge.

Typically possession will include any drug that is found on your person. This is referred to as physical possession. If it is in your pocket, in your shoe, etc, it will be considered on your possession. This, however, constitutes the simplest definition of possession.

Any type of drugs will also be in your possession if they in an area within your immediate control. This is referred to as constructive possession. If it is in your vehicle, in your trunk or in your purse, it will still qualify under the requirements. It will also be considered constructive possession if someone else is carrying it on your behalf.

When it is constructive possession, it is harder to prepare a defense, but not impossible. A knowledgeable Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney knows all potential defenses that are available to you and which one has the strongest argument based on the specific facts of your case. If you want the best possible results on your case, be sure to hire an attorney that has plenty of experience and knows how to fight in your favor !