An Expansion in Southern California DUI Checkpoints

Lately, DUI checkpoints have become more frequent and common throughout the Southern California area. LAPD has announced that they are focusing more on bringing awareness to the consequences of a DUI. This means that they are launching more DUI checkpoints and making more arrests so that the general public understands that DUI arrests and convictions will be taken more seriously, and sentenced appropriately.

The LAPD feels that by having more checkpoints and more attention given towards arresting people who are drinking and driving. The mere warning of a checkpoint and its presence deters many people from having a few glasses and getting behind the wheel. It is important to be aware of where these checkpoints are and on which nights. Many websites and through the use of Twitter now inform drivers where these checkpoints are located.

Many times a false arrest is made in a DUI checkpoint, where officers inadvertently arrest someone who cannot be found guilty of a DUI and does not have a case. There are strict guidelines and procedures officers must follow during a DUI checkpoint to make sure Fourth Amendment rights are not violated. If an officer violates one of these regulations, your case may be dismissed or reduced.

An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney is familiar with these legislative guidelines and after a brief assessment can advise you about the strength of your case. It is your constitutional right to have a criminal defense attorney defend you in the court of law, and to help ensure your rights are protected. Exercise your right and options and assure that you are not charged with a DUI that can easily be dismissed or reduced due to the error of law enforcement!