Hiring A Los Angeles DUI Attorney… Essential Questions to Ask

sLos Angeles DUI Attorneys are not created equally. There are vast differences in and attorneys skill, expertise, and years of experience. When you have been arrested for a drunk driving case in Los Angeles, it is essential to have the protection and representation of a highly experience DUI Attorney.

Not only do attorneys have vastly different levels of skill, there is also a wide range of legal fees being charged. In general, the least expensive lawyers, typically have the least experience. When your freedom is on the line, going for representation by an attorney with little experience is never a good idea.s

It is attorneys experience that makes the big differencesbetween and an excellent result and a so so result.sThat being said, paying a very high attorneys fee does not guarantee a dismissal either.sCarefully screening an attorney, and asking important questions, allows a potential client to develop a fuller understanding of the attorneys real level of experience in a courtroom, handling cases similar to yours.

There is no substitute for years of courtroom experience. Potential clients should query the attorney they are considering hiring by asking how many years they have been practicing, how many drunk driving cases have been handled, how frequently they go to the courthouse where your case is scheduled, and how familiar they are with the prosecutors and judges in that courthouse. It is always a good idea to take detailed notes when interviewing potential attorneys, so you can compare and contrast this information, as well as their relative fees.

Besides those factors mentioned above, there is one other essential subjective factor that plays a very important part in your decision. The lawyer -client relationship can certainly last a number of months or longer. It is vital that you feel comfortable talking to the attorney, and get a good sense that they are willing to take the time to explain legal concepts and strategies of how they would proceed in defending you, should you choose to retain them.

Your choice of an attorney to defend you when you have been charged with a DUI, is the most important decision you can make towards successfully resolving your legal problem.