California Medical Marijuana Laws and Its Conflicts with Federal Drug Laws

Many of my clients ask me what it means for those charged with a Federal drug possession charge, especially in regards to charges involving Medical Marijuana in California.

A great majority of marijuana cases are handled by state prosecutors, it is only under certain circumstances that the Federal government may choose to get involved. If there is a very large quantity of marijuana that was found in the possession of the defendant, it would be a matter in which the Federal government would prosecute. Similarly, if it involves international matters, such as crossing national borders with marijuana in possession or the intent to sell the issue becomes one that is no longer in the hands of the State government. Ifsthe charge concerns Federal property such as a national forest or other protected grounds, Federal agents would be the ones who take over the investigation from the State officials and prosecutors.

If the case becomes one for Federal court, certain defenses available in State court are no longer viable. Medical marijuana and California Medical Laws are not recognized as defenses. So it is as beneficial as possible to hire a California Criminal Defense attorney who can powerfully argue in your favor and strive to keep the case in State court.

The potential consequences of a Federal drug possession charge is also something that you should fight hard to reduce or avoid if you find yourself in that situation. Penalties can range from 0 to 20 years in the State prison depending on the amount of marijuana that was in your possession and several other factors such as Criminal background, level of involvement and age.

An attorney experienced in Marijuana Possession cases and familiar with the legalities of Medical marijuana can zealously argue your case in court so that you are shown in the best possible light. The knowledgeable attorneys at Hoffman and Associates immediately get to work collecting positive letters and acknowledgements from your family and friends in order to present to the Judge the person you really are, outside of the criminal charge. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS so that you can learn what options and consequences lay before you and what we can do for you. Contact our office today!