Possible Defenses to Los Angeles Marijuana Possession Charges

An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney has extensive knowledge of the defenses that may potentially apply to a marijuana possession charge. Consequently the case may be dismissed so that you have no conviction on your record.

Most defenses will only be helpful in cases where the amount of marijuana found in possession was less than an ounce. When it is such a small amount, there is a higher chance to persuade the Judge and Prosecution to dismiss or reduce the charges with a powerful and strategic argument. Hoffman and Associates has handled thousands of cases concerned with drug possession over our thirty years of practice. Many have led to dismissal due to the successful and zealous advocacy of our skilled attorneys.

Our attorneys immediately get to work preparing a defense that will most benefit our clients. We begin negotiations with the prosecutor right away and discuss the opportunity for informal diversion. Informal diversion is an agreement that the defendant will attend Narcotics Anonymous or similar meetings in exchange for the charges being dropped. It is far better than court ordered, formal Judgment because it avoids lots of time, and costs as well as the charge itself.

Additionally in many cases the evidence found, i.e, the marijuana, may not be admissible in court if it was seized illegally and in violation of your fourth amendment rights. In this case, it would be difficult for prosecutors to bring a case against you and will result in reduced or dismissed charges.

In many cases, skilled attorneys who know the prosecution and Judges well, like Ron Hoffman, are able to plea bargain with the prosecution to drop the higher charge of possession in exchange for the defendant pleading guilty to a smaller charge, which is often an infraction.

If no defense seems plausible, an attorney might strategize to ask for a jury trial depending on the specific facts of the case. All defendants in criminal cases have the right to a trial by jury. However, for cases as small as those with less than an ounce of marijuana, prosecution rarely expends the time and expense it takes to carry out the trial and will usually dismiss the case.

These are a few of the methods in which a marijuana possession charge under one ounce may be reduced or dismissed. An attorney with a solid reputation and years of experience will give you the best possible chance at obtaining the outcome you desire. The attorneys of Hoffman and Associates have been fighting on behalf of the rights of clients in similar situations as you. Come meet with one of the attorneys today, we are confident you will find the legal representation you are looking for and can have confidence in.