California Regulations for DUI Blood Testing Procedures

Many of our clients who are arrested for a DUI are choose to take a Blood test to obtain a reading of their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). California state law strictly regulates the procedures for obtaining an accurate blood test sample under Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations.

Despite legal regulations in effect, procedures are not often followed. A knowledgeable DUI attorney is able to review the specific facts of your case and determine if a blood test sample is obtained inaccurately. If errors exist in the manner with which the sample is collected, a skilled attorney can use the facts to weaken prosecution’s case and strengthen the argument in favor of the defendant.

When administering a blood test, law enforcement is required to have a trained professional draw the blood. Additionally, they are required to accurately store the sample so that it can properly be tested free of contamination. Officers have to also ensure that the chain of custody is not disturbed. The chain of custody refers to all that have handled the blood sample, from the professional who drew the blood to the technician that tests it for the BAC. All who have had custody of the sample must be accounted for and properly qualified.

Title 17 is extensive and includes many more procedures, in addition to the ones discussed above, that must be adhered to by law enforcement professionals in obtaining a blood test reading. Our team of highly skilled attorneys at Hoffman and Associates are with Title 17 after handling thousands of DUI cases. We can review the specific facts of your case to determine whether your blood test reading was gathered inaccurately which could significantly weaken prosecution’s case against you. Hire someone who is not only familiar with DUI Defense, but has been specializing in it for thirty years. We know which errors to look for, and work hard to prepare a defense that will not only strengthen your case but will get you the results you are satisfied with.

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