Errors in California DUI Blood Test Evidence

A significant component of the prosecutor’s case rests on your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). When arrested for a DUI, you have the option of taking the blood or breath test to determine your BAC. If you chose the Blood Test, you should be aware of the many errors that can yield a higher reading.

In comparison to taking a Breath Test, a Blood test is shown by experts to be more accurate due to the fact that it is a direct analysis. A direct analysis does not have to be converted into a measure of your Blood Alcohol level, as is the case with the Breath test. Regardless of its higher accuracy rate, a Los Angeles DUI attorney will explain to you that the Blood test is not without its own variables of inaccuracy.

A blood sample may be exposed to several factors that may yield an inaccurate result. The sample may be contaminated after it has been taken from the arrested person. Additionally, the sample could accidentally be switched with another, leaving you with a higher BAC than your actual BAC. This will potentially have a significant impact on your DUI case.

A Los Angeles attorney who specializes in DUI Defense, such as Ronald Hoffman, has handled thousands of cases dealing with inaccurate blood test results. Our team of highly skilled attorneys knows precisely how to expose the errors of your BAC reading, weakening prosecution’s case and strengthening your argument. Our years of experience and knowledge are reflected in our zealous advocacy and strategic defense of your case so that you see results you can be satisfied with.