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After an arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence, your citation will have a date on which you are required to appear before a criminal Judge. It is very important that you appear before the Judge on or before that date. The only exception for you not having to appear is if you have hired a Los Angeles Criminal Defense lawyer to appear on your behalf.

A legal professional can only appear on your behalf if you have retained them, and only if the case is not a felony or a serious charge that will require that you personally appear before the Judge. If the facts of your case allows an experienced professional to appear on your behalf then you do not have to worry about coming to Court and you will not be breaking any laws.

If however, you are not represented by an attorney and have a court date, you MUST appear before the Judge. If you do not want to proceed without an attorney, you can always ask the Judge for a continuance to be able to hire counsel. The Judge will likely not deny you the opportunity to do so.

A Criminal Case is not complete until the defendant has appeared in court for all required court dates and when sentenced probation has been completed. Oftentimes, due to circumstances out of our control, probation can easily be violated causing the Defendant to appear in court and have the Criminal Judge decide on what further action will be taken.

An experienced Los Angeles Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney has helped thousands of clients receive a lower sentence including a favorable and minimal probation.sFurthermore, they have also helped thousands of clients make powerful arguments in front of the Judge to reinstate their probation when it has been violated.

Probation may be violated in several different ways and is often imposed from three to five years depending on the specific Criminal Charge. In some cases the Defendant is charged a fine or fee to pay restitution. If this payment is not made, or untimely, a probation violation will occur. The defendant may also be asked to complete certain rehabilitation programs, which, if not completed will result in a probation violation.

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