How Does a California DUI Conviction Affect my Auto Insurance?

A driving under the influence conviction not only affects a person’s criminal record, but also their driving record and auto insurance. Exactly how it affects each person’s auto insurance policy will differ from person to person, and from company to company.

When a person is convicted of a DUI, the DMV is automatically notified. Along with scheduled court dates to determine the outcome of the criminal case, the DMV will hold a hearing to determine the status of the person’s driving privileges. Once the sentence is determined, a person’s auto insurance company is allowed to access any information they need regarding the conviction. Upon their research, the auto insurance company will make a determination regarding the status of the person’s insurance policy.

Insurance policies are affected in different ways. For some people the premium will increase significantly, whereas other policies will be cancelled until further notice. The approach taken by an insurance company depends on several factors; the past driving record of the individual, the criminal record of the driver, as well as the age. After taking into consideration all factors as a whole, the company will make a determination.

Once driving privileges have been revoked, a person is required to file an SR-22 before privileges can be reinstated. An SR-22 is a form that shows proof of insurance. An insurance company issues a SR-22 to a driver so they can present it to the DMV when requested. Before insurance can be reinstated after it has been revoked or suspended, an SR-22 must be filed with the DMV to demonstrate that the driver is insured. A major insurance company does not issue SR-22s to listed drivers, only those that are the named driver on the policy.sSo for example, if the insurance policy has the father as the main driver, and the son is listed as a driver under the father’s policy, the insurance company will not issue a SR-22 to the son.sThe son will have to get a separate policy where they are the named driver.

An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney can represent a person in criminal court as well as DMV hearings. Years of practice has given them the knowledge to prepare a powerful defense on a driver’s behalf. They fight hard to keep a driver’s privileges intact and their auto insurance premiums low, and their policy with full coverage.s