Creative Alternatives to Mandatory Jail Time in San Diego

One of the biggest goals our firm fights hard to achieve for our clients, is to avoid any jail time and to receive the lowest possible sentence. However, if there is a complex criminal history, or the charge is a serious one, jail time may not always be avoided.

Even though jail time may be a part of a person’s eventual sentence, there are creative alternatives that will allow them to avoid serving the time in an actual county jail or state prison. These alternatives are granted as a result of well prepared negotiation and skill with the Judge and Prosecution by an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney.

The option of house arrest is available to many people in lieu of serving traditional county jail or state prison. House arrest comes in many forms, including electronic surveillance, house confinement, or home detention.sEach achieve the same goal; to allow a person to serve mandatory time in their own home.

Most house arrest sentenced do not require that a person remain only in their home. The Judge will take into account several factors when determining the restrictions that will be placed on the house arrest sentence. Depending on the severity of the convicted offense, a person may be able to attend work or school, social obligations, and other similar events.

As a person under house arrest, they would be subject to random drug searches, may be required to check in with an officer, and also may be under electronically surveillance. This is how the court will continue to monitor the house arrest, and confirm that the person granted the creative alternative is taking it seriously and does not need their privileges revoked.

When it is not possible to avoid a mandatory jail sentence, a creative alternative is ideal. However, it is important to note that Judges and Prosecution are very hesitant to offer this option. A skillful Criminal Defense attorney that has built a solid reputation among criminal courts in Southern California may be granted the option for their clients after providing a powerful argument.s