Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints … What to do if Stopped

Beware of the presence of the Los Angeles Police Department using hundreds of DUI checkpoints throughout the City of Los Angeles.

Over the past 10 years since these randomsCheckpoints were first introduced, the Police have extended these checkpoints throughout the city at locations focusing on intersections selected for their high incidents of traffic accidents and perceived DUI drivers.

DUI checkpoints do not require the police to justify any vehicle stop. This is an exception to the legal requirement of probable cause (i.e. violation of any vehicle code section) to make the stop of a vehicle lawful and valid.

While DUI checkpoints have been upheld as legal by the Supreme Court of the State of California, controversy stills swirls about the fairness of these stops.sBeware of their possible presence after drinking. if you are stopped, you should not admit to drinking any alcohol regardless of what the police officer thinks. Also, don’t agree to submit to any field sobriety tests (coordination test done at scene).sThese FST’s although commonly requested by the police when a driver has been stopped on suspicion of Driving under the influence.Tthese tests are not Required By Law.

The Law DOES require any driver suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and /or drugs to submit to a Breath or Blood Test to determine the alcohol or drug content present.

Therefore, do not refuse to submit to a Breath or Blood Test.sThe penalties are much harsher for refusals than they are for drivers taking a Breath or Blood Test, even if the results are much higher than the legal limit.sSuch penalties may include mandatory jail sentences and lengthy license suspensions.

Remember, be safe and don’t help the police build a case against you if you find yourself stuck at a DUI Checkpoint.