What Defense Options Does a Criminal Defense Law Firm Offer?

When charged with a DUI in the state of California, it is very important that you know what defense options are available to you and the best way to discover what these defense options are is to hire a criminal defense law firm to represent you during your court hearings.sCriminal defense attorneys in the state of California argue thousands of California DUI cases each year and understand the methods and procedures used to prepare an effective DUI defense.sBecause DUI defense is a complex field, involving scientific issues, administrative laws, and various criminal penalties, criminal defense attorneys are considered to be most experienced attorneys to handle these types of cases.

One defense option that may be feasible in certain California DUI cases is calling into question the validity of chemical testing in the case.sMany people do not realize that there is a potential for errors and false readings using the testing techniques that are common in most California drunk driving cases.sThese testing methods are highly sensitive to a number of different elements and if any of these elements are present when a person is being tested, then the accuracy of the entire test can be disputed.sWithout this evidence, it is difficult to obtain a conviction for a California DUI.

Another defense option used in California DUI cases is to question the observation evidence submitted by the arresting officer in the case.sThis evidence often includes descriptions of observed driving violations, personal observations about the person’s behavior, and the results of any field sobriety tests issued.sBecause these tests are not given uniformly and the results are subject to interpretation, a skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to have this evidence dismissed from consideration during the trial.sThere are a number of different defense options that a criminal defense law firm can use to get California DUI charges reduced and a skilled criminal defense attorney is your best chance for the effective defense of your case.

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