What is The Standard Procedure For a Los Angeles DUI Stop?

The standard procedure for a Los Angeles DUI stop follows a specific set of steps that the police officer will use to determine whether the person that they have stopped is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.sThe first step in the procedure is driving observation, which is often what brings the police officer’s attention to a specific vehicle.sDuring the driving observation, the police officer may notice actions such as weaving, erratic braking, or swerving that leads them to believe that the driver is driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance and warrants stopping the vehicle for further investigation.

When a police officer stops an individual for a California DUI, they pay very close attention to the person’s mannerisms and physical appearance for additional signs that the person may be driving under the influence.sThese include an odor of alcohol on the person, slurred speech, flushing, or impaired coordination, among other signs.sIf any of these signs are present, the police officer will ask the person to perform a few field sobriety tests to confirm their suspicions.

If the person fails the field sobriety tests or give the police officer any further reason to suspect a California DUI, the person will be placed under arrest and transported to a secure location for blood-alcohol testing.sDepending on the results of the blood-alcohol testing, the police officer will charge the person with the crimes that they have allegedly committed.sAfter being informed of the charges, the person may choose to hire a criminal defense attorney to argue their case in court to get the charges against them reduced or dismissed.sThe majority of Los Angeles DUI stops follow these steps exactly and knowing what to expect during a California DUI stop will reduce the risk that you will err through ignorance and make the situation worse than it should be.

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