Can a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Get DUI Charges Reduced?

One of the questions asked most often regarding a DUI charge in California is whether a San Diego criminal defense attorney can get DUI charges reduced.sThe criminal defense attorneys that handle DUI cases in California often defend more than 100 DUI cases per year, giving them a wealth of experience in how to best argue your case for a reduction of charges.sAlthough there is no guarantee that the criminal defense attorney will be able to get the DUI charges dismissed, there is a great chance that they will be able to get the charges and penalties reduced by a significant amount by arguing your case effectively.

California drunk driving laws allow the judge to exercise a considerable amount of discretion when it comes to sentencing for a DUI conviction.sFor example, the recommended jail sentence for a first time DUI conviction ranges from 4 days to 6 months.sHaving a San Diego criminal defense attorney arguing your case in front of the judge increases the chances that the judge will be persuaded to hand down a lighter sentence.sCriminal defense attorneys are skilled in the presentation of evidence and the explanation of extenuating circumstances to reduce the apparent severity of a DUI arrest.

In some cases, criminal defense attorneys have been able to successfully argue against the reliability of certain tests that are commonly used by police officers in the field to determine the sobriety of an individual during a DUI arrest.sField sobriety tests, chemical testing, and breathalyzer machines do not always produce accurate results and if the attorney is able to shed doubt on the validity of the testing used to justify the DUI charges, then the charges may be reduced or dismissed by the judge presiding over the case.sThere are a number of different methods that can be used to get California DUI charges reduced and a good San Diego criminal defense attorney will know all of them.

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