What Happens After a California DUI?

Drunk driving and driving under the influence cases are becoming the most common offenses in the court system today, with thousands of individuals in the state of California being charged with these offenses every year.sAlthough what happens during the traffic stop that resulted in the California DUI charge dictates what charges are ultimately brought against you, what happens after a California DUI charge is just as critical to the eventual outcome of the situation.sIt is important for you to know what your options are for minimizing the impact of a California drunk driving charge on your life.

The first thing that you should do after a California DUI is to contact a criminal defense attorney that specializes in California DUI defense.sThese attorneys handle hundreds of DUI cases every year and are your best resource for exploring your options for defending yourself against the DUI charges levied against you.sBecause the evidentiary and procedural aspects of DUI defense have become complex over the last decade, it is recommended that you choose an experienced DUI defense lawyer to ensure an effective defense.

During the trial to determine whether a DUI conviction is warranted, the judge will review the evidence in the case, including the results of any field sobriety tests issued during the original traffic stop, statements from the arresting officer, the results of any breath or chemical testing, and whether there were any special circumstances surrounding the arrest.sThe criminal defense lawyer will have a chance to speak on your behalf and offer any evidence that could reduce or dismiss the charges against you.sIf the judge determines that a conviction is warranted, then they will issue the judgment along with the penalties that are required by law after a conviction for a California DUI.

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