The Importance of a DUI Lawyer for your Los Angeles DUI Case

A Los Angeles DUI Lawyer is incredibly important to your case. In fact, it is probably the single best thing you could do for yourself after you have been arrested and charged for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

The sooner you contact a legal professional after your Los Angeles DUI arrest, the better you will be. There are certain deadlines that need to be met right away. For example, a DMV hearing must be scheduled directly with the DMV within ten days of your arrest. This does not happen automatically. The DMV having concerns your driving privileges and is separate and independent of your criminal case. If you do not timely schedule a hearing, you will automatically lose your driving privileges without the opportunity to present your case. A Los Angeles DUI lawyer will be aware of these deadlines and will take swift action to ensure they are met and your rights are protected.

In addition, the attorneys like those at Hoffman & Associates have years of experience in the courts of Los Angeles. They know the Judges, the clerks, the prosecutors and the deputies. They are able to predict the offer that will be made based upon the Judge and the prosecutor handling the case. This is crucial information because it will allow the lawyer to make a good decision on your behalf as to what entering a plea will be in your best interest. Sometimes, entering a plea of guilty is beneficial if the facts of your case are no int your favor, and the attorney knows that a better offer might not be made. However, on the other hand, the attorney will also know that a plea of not guilty is the best strategy for your case so that you find yourself at trial, or at Pre Trial, where negotiations might be more fruitful. This is the type of strategy that comes with years of experience and personal and direct knowledge of the Courtroom and the players involved.

That knowledge also familiarity also allows the attorney to obtain evidence and police reports faster than you would on your own. This proactivity allows the attorney to thoroughly review the report before the first hearing, the Arraignment. The attorney can then be prepared when walking into court the first time, and be prepared with a defense and counter evidence if necessary. This helps your case move along efficiently, and be resolved as soon as possible.

The attorneys at Hoffman and Associates understand that this is a stressful time for you. Allowing our firm to take that stress off of your shoulders and handle your case efficiently, and successfully, is what we take pride in everyday. Our attorneys will immediately take the steps necessary to fight for you and to prepare the best possible defense strategy that is specific to the facts of your case. Do not hesitate, contact our office today for a free consultation and to learn what we can do for you.

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