Can I Be Charged with More than One Offense with a Los Angeles DUI?

Many of our clients come to our office with multiple offenses arising out of one DUI incident. They mistakenly believe that because it arose out of one incident, then they cannot be charged with more than offense. This is not true. If there are multiple potential charges, then a person can be charged with more than one offense. It can happen often with a Los Angeles DUI.

Let’s consider an example. Dina is driving home from happy hour one day. She had a few drinks with her friends after work and was out later than she intended. In a rush to get home, she mistakenly hits a parked car on her street. She is visibly intoxicated as she get out of her car and inspects the damage to the parked car. Because she is late, and because it is a neighbor, Dina does not stop that night, but plans to speak to her neighbor the following day. The next day turns into a week, and before Dina knows it, she is contacted by officers for a potential Los Angeles Hit and Run. Dina is contacted due to the neighbor’s camera in the front of their home. It is clearly visible that Dina hits the parked car and leaves, and it is also visible that she is intoxicated. Dina is charged with a Hit and Run as well as a Los Angeles DUI.

Dina does the smart thing and hires a Los Angeles DUI attorney right away. In fact, she finds an attorney like those at Hoffman & Associates that are not only well versed in DUI Law, but Los Angeles Hit and Run law as well. This way, they understand that system and nuances of both charges. By taking proactive steps, and using their experience and the relationships they have built with the courthouses, prosecutors and authorities, Dina’s attorney will fight to dismiss or in the very least, reduce one of the charges.

If you are facing multiple charges arising out of one incident, do not mistakenly believe that one charge will be dismissed automatically. It takes strategic negotiation and skill for it to be dismissed, or even reduced. This is why the best tool you can have in your favor is a knowledgeable and experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney.

The DUI attorney will contact prosecutors before the case has even been filed. They will contact the person who suffered damage and negotiate restitution. If they are able to take proactive steps to mitigate damages, the prosecutors are able to see cooperation and are more willing to reduce, or even dismiss the charge altogether. However, acting quickly and proactively is the key. Delaying any type of restitution or amends can result in increasing frustration from the prosecutors, from the Judge, as well as the person who was allegedly injured.

Take steps to ensure yourself the best possible future. Don’t hesitate or delay. Contact our office today for a free consultation and take the first steps towards a path that will give you the stress free resolution you need!